Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 🙌

I know I’m late to the game on this one, but today I’m sharing some of my favorites from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale! This sale is particularly awesome because instead of waiting until the end of the season to get your favorite pieces for a lower price, everything for fall is on sale before hand. How nice is that?!

I’ve broken up my picks based on price – bargains (under $100), investments ($100-250), and dream buys ($250+) because this is typically how I shop. Being on a budget can make shopping particularly exhausting so I thought I would try to simplify things a little bit. Breaking things down by price helps me prioritize, especially for a big seasonal, department store sale like this one, and then I don’t fall in love with like 5 different things I can’t afford…

I feel like I’ve been going through a bit of a style transition lately (living in another country, getting a little older, dressing a little nicer for work) and I’m at a point where I’m not really sure what I even like anymore. I also always have to remind myself of what looks best on me and what pieces I could throw on today and they would already fit into my wardrobe. So it was actually a fun practice to go through everything and choose what I love – it sort of invigorated my shopping spirit again. There’s a lot to consider, but there are also about a million things in the sale, so I still have my pick of the lot.

P.S. If anyone knows how to not pay an absurd amount in post office pick-up fees (1/3 of the value of any products shipped from the US into Ireland 😭), please let me know.

Bargains (Under $100)

_12788489.jpg               _12673734.jpg

Love this simple Cross Front Tee: casual but a little sexy. // Perfect slouchy fit on this Thermal Henley.

_12838089.jpg                _12673690.jpg

Love the waist cinching on this Crossover Sweater. // A little V-neck and a little sheer make me love this Lace Up Sweater.

_12825830.jpg                _12686518.jpg

I’m a sucker for the gorgeous collar on this Oxblood Peacoat. // Diggin’ the fit on this (faux) fur vest.

_12607202.jpg                _12859782.jpg

Not usually a huge bomber jacket fan, but this one is perfect. // Powder blue heaven.

_12591365.jpg                _12812184-1.jpg

Would love to transition this Floral Romper from summer to fall. // Obsessed with the ease of this Suede Shift Dress.

_12639960.jpg                _12605032.jpg

I’ve always loved some sweet back-to-school wear. // Mod denim mini.

_12591294.jpg                _11145300.jpg

These pants look like the most comfortable things in the world – perfect airplane outfit. // Love the seem down the front of these leather leggings.

_12471701.jpg                       _12283728.jpg

I basically live in printed sneakers, so eying these. // Gorgeous suede mary janes.

_12480479.jpg                _12479036.jpg

These earrings would completely elevate my typical jeans and a navy T. // Obsessed with these mismatched earrings!

_12518317.jpg                _11066858.jpg

Been in the market for a hip belt for a while now and love the light leather on this one. // Not usually a fan of monogrammed things, but this makeup bag is too cute!

Investments ($100 – 250)

_12665992.jpg _12538258.jpg

This jacket with jeans and over the knee boots = fall uniform. // This Delicate Lace Top would be gorgeous under a leather jacket.

_12622719.jpg _12545587.jpg

Would actually wear this tank everywhere, from under a suit to date night. // Weirdly in love with this simple button down.

_12544906.jpg  _12493656.jpg

God bless a cashmere mini dress. // Saw these OTK boots on the lovely Meghan Donovan and immediately loved.

_12743843.jpg  _12451119.jpg

Possibly my favorite piece of them all. // Love these neutral, but still statement making sunglasses.

_12493346.jpg               _12331000.jpg

This bag looks way more expensive than it is. // Loving a shorter heel now days and these don’t sacrifice a beautiful shape, either.

Dream Buys ($250+)

_12641622.jpg _12869279-1.jpg

My mom would love this cardigan. // Dreamy mustard Suede Motorcycle Jacket.

_12527533.jpg _12446661.jpg

Perfect for the professor look (I just hope the fit on them is good). // The most coveted boots of the season for good reason.


Wore out my Longchamp bag to death in high school, so I love this grown up version. // This bag makes me want to take a road trip real bad.

It feels so weird to be shopping for fall already, but it’s also crazy to think that August starts next week! The summer is flying by – it’s so crazy! Would love to know if you’re also shopping the sale and, if so, what’s on your to-buy list. I love how many pieces are really versatile and I can buy now and actually wear, especially in Ireland where it is fall all year. Send me your faves! 💕