Favorites from Spring 2017

As fashion month comes to a close, I always like going through all the looks from the big shows and finding my favorites. I’ve started to really hone in on which designers I love (Gucci, Mary Katrantzou, Rodarte), but I love finding new brands that are surprising and beautiful. I’m obsessed with the Molly Goddard collection for its off-kilter gauzy, neon awesomeness and am really digging Dice Kayek‘s tailored volume.

I’m also really loving the sort of ’70s professor meets Marie Antoinette’ vibe happening in a lot of collections for Spring. Ultra luxe fabrics, voluminous sleeves, and suiting = count me in. This means I’m obviously obsessed with Gucci this season because tulle ball gowns, pink plaid, and gold suits… come on! Anyway, I’ve included my faves below and pinned my other favorite looks here on Pinterest, if you’re interested. Enjoy!

337bb2967a333f86615628e752b67eb3.jpg 21e5395307501bf88719f0aeeeda3adb.jpg

[Coach, Reem Acra]

77e62b036dc3015b96aad183724c8410.jpg 4ef210a161ff1fc771044423cbfe5d49.jpg

[Mary Katrantzou, Fendi]

13913574dd6629c72f25190a75ae3e7a.jpg 22e35a3cb4c5235992abd6497cd9a734.jpg

[Gucci, Maticevski]

4ac0192bdecb29be91b9d752ef9dccc4.jpg 9d1e731abd89d2fc7e77ce18d3ea2450.jpg

[Giamba, Molly Goddard –> my favorite look of them all!]

0142cd440196e8217ef0ad9730dd2564.jpg 418bfc6cd701373a43ef6703d1833331.jpg

[Gucci, Delpozo]

17219515ad2fd2a71fbafe357ace054a.jpg 5694d9bebbcb1ecfd04af9eb86162eae.jpg

[Dice Kayek, Antonio Berardi]

d2146a62d873fb1a58855b6a41119c1c.jpg bbc2773a3719137725c91c14c0225b83.jpg

[Marco de Vincenzo, Gucci]

I’m also apparently really into long-sleeved dresses and dramatic blazers, which isn’t wrong. My workwear come spring is going to get very interesting though lol. What’d I miss? Which collections are your faves? Fashion month can be completely overwhelming so I’m positive I’ve missed some badass stuff. Please direct me to it. Much appreciated.


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