Summer Style Picks

Summer Picks.png

So this is mostly wishful thinking because it will definitely not be warm enough for me to wear any of this, but in the spirit of the season I wanted to put up a few picks for you hot weather folks. Classic with a fun, whimsical twist (& apparently I’ve got a thing for rabbits going this summer 🐰) Enjoy!

1) Henriette Dress by dRA – Lately I’ve been trying to focus on finding pieces that suit my shape. I get so caught up in fun proportions or trendy styles that I sometimes forget I’m dressing me. This dress is totally appropriate, though, with a deep V neck and empire waist and I love how easy it would be to throw on with white sneakers and silver jewelry.

2) Woodland Bunny Watch by Olivia Burton – We carry this watch brand at Bow & Pearl and I came across this sweet little piece while updating our stock. I love that it’s whimsical but still modern and has vegan leather which is good for both the animals and my wallet.

3) Rattan Wedge by Charlotte Olympia – Okay, so obviously a dream purchase with such a high price tag (even at half off!) but I love the idea of a statement heel. I find myself drawn to a lot of simple dresses so a little pop of personality is definitely needed. This pair is somewhere between old Hollywood starlet and chic suburban mom going out to dinner in Florida, which I completely love.

4) Round Rabbit Mini Bag by Andrés Gallardo – Another reach purchase here too, but I think I might be falling for the round bag trend. I saw one that I loved on Julia Engel’s blog and can’t stop thinking about them. I love the cobalt color and sweet detail on this one and the mini shape helps it feel like less of a hat box. I’m on the hunt for some more affordable options, so I’ll keep ya updated.

5) Bow Back Playsuit by One O Eight – I’m a sucker for a great romper and this one is perfect! We just ordered in pieces from this brand at Bow & Pearl and I stumbled upon this awesome little playsuit on their website. Love the fresh green and white pattern and I would totally style it as shown, with white sneakers and a bun. Or dress it up with a banana yellow heel and beachy waves for a date night. Can’t beat a versatile piece at a reasonable price!

What are you wearing this summer? Realistically it will be denim and sweaters for me all summer, but alas I’ve never met a cozy summer night I didn’t like…


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