Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 🙌

I know I’m late to the game on this one, but today I’m sharing some of my favorites from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale! This sale is particularly awesome because instead of waiting until the end of the season to get your favorite pieces for a lower price, everything for fall is on sale before hand. How nice is that?!

I’ve broken up my picks based on price – bargains (under $100), investments ($100-250), and dream buys ($250+) because this is typically how I shop. Being on a budget can make shopping particularly exhausting so I thought I would try to simplify things a little bit. Breaking things down by price helps me prioritize, especially for a big seasonal, department store sale like this one, and then I don’t fall in love with like 5 different things I can’t afford…

I feel like I’ve been going through a bit of a style transition lately (living in another country, getting a little older, dressing a little nicer for work) and I’m at a point where I’m not really sure what I even like anymore. I also always have to remind myself of what looks best on me and what pieces I could throw on today and they would already fit into my wardrobe. So it was actually a fun practice to go through everything and choose what I love – it sort of invigorated my shopping spirit again. There’s a lot to consider, but there are also about a million things in the sale, so I still have my pick of the lot.

P.S. If anyone knows how to not pay an absurd amount in post office pick-up fees (1/3 of the value of any products shipped from the US into Ireland 😭), please let me know.

Bargains (Under $100)

_12788489.jpg               _12673734.jpg

Love this simple Cross Front Tee: casual but a little sexy. // Perfect slouchy fit on this Thermal Henley.

_12838089.jpg                _12673690.jpg

Love the waist cinching on this Crossover Sweater. // A little V-neck and a little sheer make me love this Lace Up Sweater.

_12825830.jpg                _12686518.jpg

I’m a sucker for the gorgeous collar on this Oxblood Peacoat. // Diggin’ the fit on this (faux) fur vest.

_12607202.jpg                _12859782.jpg

Not usually a huge bomber jacket fan, but this one is perfect. // Powder blue heaven.

_12591365.jpg                _12812184-1.jpg

Would love to transition this Floral Romper from summer to fall. // Obsessed with the ease of this Suede Shift Dress.

_12639960.jpg                _12605032.jpg

I’ve always loved some sweet back-to-school wear. // Mod denim mini.

_12591294.jpg                _11145300.jpg

These pants look like the most comfortable things in the world – perfect airplane outfit. // Love the seem down the front of these leather leggings.

_12471701.jpg                       _12283728.jpg

I basically live in printed sneakers, so eying these. // Gorgeous suede mary janes.

_12480479.jpg                _12479036.jpg

These earrings would completely elevate my typical jeans and a navy T. // Obsessed with these mismatched earrings!

_12518317.jpg                _11066858.jpg

Been in the market for a hip belt for a while now and love the light leather on this one. // Not usually a fan of monogrammed things, but this makeup bag is too cute!

Investments ($100 – 250)

_12665992.jpg _12538258.jpg

This jacket with jeans and over the knee boots = fall uniform. // This Delicate Lace Top would be gorgeous under a leather jacket.

_12622719.jpg _12545587.jpg

Would actually wear this tank everywhere, from under a suit to date night. // Weirdly in love with this simple button down.

_12544906.jpg  _12493656.jpg

God bless a cashmere mini dress. // Saw these OTK boots on the lovely Meghan Donovan and immediately loved.

_12743843.jpg  _12451119.jpg

Possibly my favorite piece of them all. // Love these neutral, but still statement making sunglasses.

_12493346.jpg               _12331000.jpg

This bag looks way more expensive than it is. // Loving a shorter heel now days and these don’t sacrifice a beautiful shape, either.

Dream Buys ($250+)

_12641622.jpg _12869279-1.jpg

My mom would love this cardigan. // Dreamy mustard Suede Motorcycle Jacket.

_12527533.jpg _12446661.jpg

Perfect for the professor look (I just hope the fit on them is good). // The most coveted boots of the season for good reason.


Wore out my Longchamp bag to death in high school, so I love this grown up version. // This bag makes me want to take a road trip real bad.

It feels so weird to be shopping for fall already, but it’s also crazy to think that August starts next week! The summer is flying by – it’s so crazy! Would love to know if you’re also shopping the sale and, if so, what’s on your to-buy list. I love how many pieces are really versatile and I can buy now and actually wear, especially in Ireland where it is fall all year. Send me your faves! 💕


Weekend Roundup: Party Time

How was your weekend? We had a couple of birthday/house parties on tap and I have to say it was kind of glorious sleeping in and ordering late night dirty takeout. Would love to get a few pages of my dissertation done this evening, but let’s be honest… I do really need to buckle down this week, though, so I’m mentally preparing for long days in the library and too many cups of coffee. Wish me luck (I’m gonna need it)!

If you’re not quite ready to start your week, yet, here are a few procrastination friendly links…


Would love to see an entire play made up of scenes like this.

If you’re in Dublin, everyone’s favorite hangover cure, Deliveroo, is offering free delivery for the next two weeks. Too tempting.

Literally something I’ve always wondered this but was too embarrassed to ask.

This Lisa Frank clothing line is what my 3rd grade dreams were made of.

Have you been following the Kimye v. Taylor drama? I’ve always found T-Swift pretty disingenuous so I’ve been lapping up everyone’s hilarious twitter shade.

Putting so many of these YA books on my (ever growing) post-dissertation reading list.

Eyeing these Vince Camuto boots for fall – will be putting up my favorite Nordstrom Sale pieces up this week (even though shipping to Ireland is ridic 😭). Keep yo eyes peeled.

(Photo from my instagram. The Barge is always in full swing on sunny days.)

Leonardo da Vinci at the National Gallery

In my last post, I mentioned several of Dublin’s fab (and free) local museums, including the National Gallery of Ireland. Although the museum is small, down to only 2 galleries during renovations, it has some major gems right now. I came for the da Vinci, but stayed for the, well, everything else…


After seeing ads around town for months, I finally got my shit together and checked out the Leonardo da Vinci drawings exhibition in the main gallery. Tickets are (say it with me!) totally free and, even though its the last weekend, seem to be pretty easily available. I booked last night and had my pick of times.

But onto the art: the exhibition is made up of 10 original da Vinci drawings on lend from the Royal Collection in England and although that might not seem like very much, they really make the most of the pieces. The exhibit includes historical context of each piece, discusses da Vinci’s process of study, and even presents a video explaining the way da Vinci created the paper, ink, and pigments he used to create the drawings. There was an interesting mix of content, as well: some studies of famous paintings, early representations of scientific theories (like the anatomical drawings below), and even, above, a map of the Arno river in Florence.

262817-1333033181.jpg 262818-1333033184.jpg

But what I loved the most was how unusual it felt to see works-in-progress exhibited on their own, instead of as supplements to the finished pieces. It felt like seeing the dress rehearsal of a play with all its stops and restarts and unpolished realness. I’ve always loved looking at people’s beautifully haphazard class notes or finding old annotated books, so this felt like the ultimate journal porn. What also struck me was how amazing it is that these pieces even still exist; the exhibit talked about how the drawings were passed from artist to artist and then across Europe, eventually, making it to England where they were preserved by the royal family. But at any point over the last 500 years they could have just as easily been destroyed as a bunch of useless, unfinished papers. Sort of amazing when you think about everything that’s happened in Europe since da Vinci’s time…


The National Gallery is also a beautiful space to grab lunch or coffee with a big light-filled atrium and lots of lunch choices so it makes a great midday break. And check out their other exhibit on early 20th century European painting, it’s actually so good. I ducked in after seeing the da Vinci and was seriously blown away by some of the pieces they have tucked away in there. Like I said before, small but mighty museum.

Needless to say, if you’re in town this weekend and have a free half hour, pop over to the National Gallery. Things seemed pretty slow so even if you don’t have tickets, just show and see what happens – it’s totally worth it to get a little glimpse into the mind of one of the world’s greatest thinkers.

Dublin on a Dime: My Guide to Doing Dublin on the Cheap


So I love to travel and living in Dublin has been one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life. But as we all know, traveling can get expensive so even just pinching a few pennies here and there can really help. As part of my quest to be more cost-conscious, here is my (by no means comprehensive) guide to ballin’ on a budget here in Dublin:

Places to Eat

The Buttery – Tucked away on Trinity College’s front square is a little spot called the Buttery (just to the left of the Campanile if you enter from the front gate). You can get a hearty lunch of thick stew or fish & chips for about 5 euro. The Buttery (as well as the Arts Block Cafe) also has sandwiches and coffee for the cheapest I’ve seen – 3.65 & 1.15, respectively.

KC Peaches – Although not as good a value as The Buttery, KC Peaches makes up for its prices in portions. For less than a tenner you can get a large salad box, which you can stuff as much food in as possible since it’s a set price, not priced by weight. Available in cold (salad, pasta, chicken) or hot (shepherd’s pie, curried veggies, baked potatoes). And they have a 10% student discount with a student card.

Mama’s Revenge – Another solid student card deal, get a basic burrito (essentially all the fixins minus pica de gallo and gauc) for 5 euro. Or a veggie with gauc again for 5. I literally just ate one and may never eat again.

Lemon – Looking for brunch that won’t break the bank? Lemon on both Dawson and South William Street will be your cheapest option. Coffee and a crepe or hearty breakfast sandwich for under a tenner is hard to beat.


Places to Drink

Pygmalion – If you’re visiting Dublin during the week and want to get a good buzz on, check out Pyg’s 2-for-1 cocktail menu. I believe they’re 13 quid so basically 6.50 a pop for whiskey sours, espresso martinis, and more. And you certainly can’t beat the energy of a night at Pyg with DJs most nights and people spilling out into the street.

The Shakespeare – A great pub (and Korean restaurant) on Parnell Street. The Shakespeare has Guinness for 4.20 and you can get a loyalty card, which I’ve literally never heard of anywhere else. Something like 6 pints and you get one free – challenge accepted.

The Pav – Located on Trinity’s campus, The Pav is generally the student bar, but they serve a solid pint on the cheap. The real pro tip here, though, is if you’re around on a particularly nice day and everyone is sitting outside on the grass (as pictured below) go to the Centra across the street from campus and buy 4 cans of Prazsky for 5 euro. Come back to the pav and enjoy the atmosphere at half the price. Just make sure it’s a brand of beer they serve at the Pav (like Prazsky) or else they’ll know you’re BYOB.

Note: Across the board, Foster’s will be the cheapest pint you can get at around 3.50, depending on where you are. Guinness will also be quite cheap since it’s local. Most places also do a Zaconey (a bourbon based spirit) and coke deal for 5, which is decent too if you’re not a beer fan.


Night Life

Dicey’s – If you’re looking for a night out on the cheap, the infamous Dicey’s will have you handled. On Mondays and Thursdays, they have a 10 euro cover but pints are 2.50 or cheaper all night so you’ll be set for a night of drinking. Pints are also 2.50 every night before 10, if you’re looking to turn up early. (Just beware this is PINTS only, not shots or cocktails, which will be crazy overpriced. Trust me, I have made this dire mistake. Don’t be me – drink your beer.)

Xico – On Monday night, Xico is the place to be – half price drinks! That’s 2 euro tequila shots and 2.50 pints. Once again, Xico has a cover but it’s worth it if you buy like 2 drinks. And they’re music selection is one of better spots in the city.

Workman’s – With no cover and lots of loud music every night, Workman’s is a solid choice if you’re looking to save a few bucks. They usually have a 5 euro cocktail special and reasonably priced pints.

Temple Bar – The famous bar scene comes alive in Dublin essentially after noon with lots of places having traditional music at night, if that’s something you’re after. For the price of a pint and the hassle of finding a seat, you can settle in for a night of live music and fantastic people watching. Whelan’s on Camden Street also has great (arguably better) music, a lot of which is free as well.



A general tip for shopping in Dublin, if you’re a student or recent graduate, is that most shops in the city centre have some sort of student discount. Levi’s, Office, TopShop, and a lot of other brand name places do 10-20% discounts for showing a student card.

Harlequin Vintage – If you’re looking for something a bit more unique than Zara or H&M, Harlequin Vintage is a great spot to find some treasure. The upstairs is a big sale section and I’ve found gems like AllSaints dresses and an Escada sweater for 10 euro. (Another great spot is Lucy’s Lounge in Temple Bar, check out their enormous basement!)

Penneys – If you’re a bargain queen then you must check out Penneys (the Irish version of Primark). It’s like target on crack. Of course the quality isn’t spectacular, but I’ve found adorable shoes for like 12 euro, as well as cute home goods and trendy clothes for huge discounts. It’s bomb.



The nice thing about Dublin is that it really is a walking-around-and-drinking sort of city so you won’t miss out on much if you skip the tourist sites. The biggest trap by far is Guinness, but if you are gonna go use the card machines to the right of the long line inside and get a student ticket (over 18) regardless of whether or not you are, they don’t check and you’ll save a couple quid.

Kilmainham Gaol – One of the more interesting historical tours in Dublin and definitely the cheapest: students are 3 euro and regular adults are 7. Just flash an old student card and you’re set.

National Botanic Gardens & Glasnevin Cemetery – These two spots are literally connected to each other and are both entirely free and open to the public. I’ve done a couple of posts (here and here) on them and why they’re my favorite spots in the area. The Botanic Gardens, especially, are totally amazing. Bus fare will run you about 5 euro round trip or make an afternoon of it and walk.

Science Gallery – On the far end of Trinity’s campus there is a little museum that merges the science and art worlds together. With some of the most interesting exhibits I’ve seen anywhere, the (entirely free) Science Gallery is definitely worth checking out.

The National Gallery of Ireland – A small but mighty art museum, the collection has pieces by Caravaggio, Monet, and Picasso and often houses interesting smaller exhibits throughout the year. And it’s completely free.

National Museum of Ireland, Archeology – Home to the famed ‘bog people’, this museum on Kildare Street is a tour through time in the form of decorative objects, craft art, and incredibly preserved dead people. And once again, admission is free.

Other free outdoors spots to check out, if the weather is good, are St. Stephen’s Green, Merrion Square, Trinity’s Rose Garden, and Iveagh Gardens. All great spots to sit outside for lunch or spend an afternoon reading. Just bring an umbrella because, well, you’re still in Ireland.


This is by no means the be-all-end-all guide to cheap things in Dublin, but when I’m tight on cash or have people come into town who want to stay on a budget these are the things I recommend. As you can tell, most of my suggestions are in the city center because that’s where I live, but, generally, if you get out of the busy parts of Dublin you’re likely to find a lot of cheaper pubs and shops. Moral of the story: if you’re considering coming to Dublin but the price is stopping you, know that there are plenty of ways to enjoy the city on a budget without feeling like you half-assed your trip.

I’ll also be putting together a guide of my favorite spots in Dublin regardless of price, since I get a lot of (real) adults and relatives who ask me for suggestions who aren’t necessarily on a tight budget and probably wouldn’t want to end up at Dicey’s on a Monday night… So keep your eyes peeled for that!

And if you have any other specific questions about things to do or life in Ireland, please let me know! I can be an anxious traveler myself so I totally understand how helpful it can be to get all of my random and seemingly useless questions answered. Plus I totally love talking about my time here, so fire away! And if you’re from the area and I’ve missed something in this post, definitely let me know! I’m always on the prowl for a good bargain myself.

Weekend Roundup: Summer Vibes

I have to say, this weekend felt extra sweet: I turned in 5000 words of my dissertation on Friday, finished my internship and the bulk of my shop work at Bow & Pearl, and it 100% feels like summer here in Dublin for once! It’s just one of those days where I feel like I can actually unwind and be in the moment. I topped off the weekend with a few drinks at the Barge and the best fish & chips in Dublin with my favorite guy. Not too shabby.

Here are a few links from around the web, if you’re looking for some procrastination today…


Donald Trump’s ultimate running mate (that isn’t Mike Pence)…

Loved Reese Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde 15th anniversary throwback! This movie was one of my first girl power moments so it was so fun to see everyone’s favorite moments. Mine are: Elle’s study/kick ass montage after Warner says she isn’t smart, Elle’s entire law school wardrobe, and Jennifer Coolidge all around. Major love.

Two ingredient cocktails that look delicious (so fascinated to try the Kalimotxo…).

Really resonating with this sentiment.

Cannot wait to read this book. I’m not usually one for biographies, but this one looks so interesting. The perfect mix of family gossip, old world glamour, and soul-baring honesty.

This quiz made me laugh and is actually so hard!

Growing up next the town with the most churches per capita, I’ve always loved me a funny church sign.

And keep your eyes peeled for some good stuff on the blog this week! I’ve got a journal from Longitude on its way and a guide that just might save you a few bucks around Dublin. Stay tuned!

Thank You, Bow & Pearl!

For the last three months, I’ve been working as a social media intern for the local Dublin boutique, Bow & Pearl. I’ve done everything from take product photos to organize stock takes to analyzing data from our social media platforms. I’ve also been working sales on the shop floor, so the whole experience has really given me an idea of what it takes to run a small independent business. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of working for myself and in some ways it’s never felt more possible, but you have to be so passionate and dedicated to your business – not sure I’ve found that fire quite yet. But I feel like it’s getting closer!

I wanted to share of few of my favorite photos from my time at Bow & Pearl to celebrate my last week. It’s amazing to think of how much I’ve grown in this experience – it feels like the time has both flown by and yet I’ve learned so much.


So a big thank you to the whole Bow & Pearl team, especially my boss Bronagh, for taking a little grad student in and making her feel at home. I’ll miss the shop so much! Thank you!

13 Looks Perfect for Summer in Dublin

I know I’m always going on about the weather here in Ireland, but it has seriously hit me the hardest this summer. I’m used to long, hot, muggy Chicago summers where you wake up sticky and put on as few clothes as legally possible. Dublin is just so different. I’m currently wearing jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a jacket and I’m still cold – plus the persistent rain doesn’t help either. It just gets a little tiresome dressing for the same season all year round, you know?

But instead of harping on about how shitty it is, I’ve decided to pull a few of my favorite street style looks that are perfectly suited for summer here in Dublin – still fun and fresh for summer, but a little more covered up and practical. Things are looking sunnier already!







Obviously I’m into all things layered and quirky, but still put together. I think personal style is so cool and love that it really seems to be making its way to the forefront. And just a little side note, some of my personal style inspirations are Jenny Walton, Chiara Ferragni, and Leandra Medine. They are totally fearless and true to their visions of style – they’ve all reached some sort of personal style nirvana. Workin’ on it.

Love or Hate: The Neon Demon

Last week, my friend, Aoife, invited me to see an early screening of the movie The Neon Demon. I was excited to see a sharp critique of the modeling industry and beauty culture from the director of Drive. But what started as an interesting commentary ended up being something entirely different…

Warning: there are a few spoilers in this post – if you’re planning on subjecting yourself to this film then don’t read any further! Just know you’ve been warned.


Continue reading

London Travel Journal


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that last weekend we did a quick trip over to London! I have to say, we really made the most of our three days there: hitting up museums and local markets, spending an afternoon in the country, and drinking and eating our way through several parts of the city. Of course there was so much we didn’t get to do, especially sight seeing wise, but we ended up having a totally lovely weekend. So often quick trips feel like more work than vacation, but we really hit the right balance this time.


Our first stop once getting into the city (from Stansted Airport) was the South Bank where Ian had a quick business meeting. While he chatted fantasy sports, I took the opportunity to do a speed tour of the Tate Modern’s newly opened Switch House! The gallery spaces are mostly dedicated to conceptual art and preserving past performance pieces – there was even a small performance going on during my quick visit, which totally rocked my weird art world.

My overall highlights were original photos of Marina Abramovic’s Rhythm 0, a Cy Twombly-esque piece by Julie Mehretu, and the artist room of Louise Bourgeois, who is definitely my fine art spirit animal. Also, a conceptual work that was literally a piece of string intended to be held by two people and exploring concepts of intimacy and space – too good😂. I could go on forever about this sort of thing, but I’ll spare you and just say that if you’re interested in conceptual art or performance art from the last couple of decades then the new Tate Modern building is a must.

Marina Abramovic’s Rhythm 0 exhibit. Photo from here.
Louise Bourgeois_1red hand.jpg
Part of Louise Bourgeois’ 10AM is When You Come to Me. Photo from here.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of wandering around the South Bank and making our way through the city to Covent Garden, where we chowed down at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Union Jacks.  Along the way we stopped at the South Bank Centre’s food market for Pimm’s cups and duck fat french fries with garlic mayo (thanks for recommendation, Burke!) and took a ride on the London Eye. The views were fabulous, as you can imagine, and, despite the price, it was fun to get a little touristy while we were there. Afterwards, we walked by Big Ben and the Parliament Building and made our way along the Thames to dinner.

After a much needed meal of gourmet pizza (can you say braised brisket & artisanal cheese?), we headed home for an early night of late night British TV and room service in preparation for our trip out to the country the next day. The weather was a little spotty our first day in town, but we didn’t mind the incredible rainbows that accompanied the on-and-off showers. Seriously, they were the most vivid ones I’d ever seen – photos didn’t do it any justice!


Day two started out with a train ride out to Bicester for an afternoon of driving. Well, Ian driving and me timing laps and taking photos… But all the same, the countryside was totally beautiful and the lambos were pretty alright too. 😉

If you’re in Europe or planning to visit and want to do some sort of driving experience, I would recommend TrackDays. They’re really the only company that does one-day test drives with driving instructors, which is what we were looking for. There are a lot of other companies who will rent out sports cars for full track days or do super luxury weekend long driving trips (😍), but if you’re looking for more of a casual thing this totally fit the ticket. Well, as casual as driving a Ferrari can be…

After lots of planning and attempting to keep the trip a secret (as it was a surprise graduation gift from Ian’s lovely parents), it was so great to see the whole thing come together. Even as we were driving up to the track, I was so nervous it wasn’t going to be what I had thought, but it really turned out to be perfect. Seeing Ian get to blow off some steam after working his ass off for a physics degree was awesome – so grateful it all worked out!


I will keep the grainy, embarrassing, proud-girlfriend photos to myself but seriously the whole thing was so cool! I thought I would be bored watching, but I actually got super giddy seeing him fly around the track in each of the cars. I even got to ride in the ‘hot lap’ car at one point, which was driven by a pro – I felt like I was on a roller coaster those things get so much speed! Ian’s report card: the Lamborghini got the A for drivability and top speed.


We ended our day by heading back to the city in time for happy hour, grabbing a bottle of rosé for our hotel room as we got ready. We got a quick dinner at the hotel restaurant, which Ian totally won by ordering the grilled tiger prawns, and headed out for drinks.

We were feeling fancy so we hit up Gong in The Shard for cocktails. The whole thing was an experience – from the 45 minute wait in the lobby to the heated toilet seats in the bathroom (I have seen heaven) to the drinks that come in birdcages – but be ready to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. It was pretty pretentious and the cocktails themselves were, like, fine, but it’s really nabbing that window seat that makes the whole thing worth it. So dress to impress, be persistent, and steal a Vogue magazine from the toilets.

If you want the same view without the hassle, I believe you can book in advance at The View from The Shard, which is a champagne bar at the top. I think it’s a little more touristy, but has student ticket discounts and you will have a reserved time so you don’t have to creepily wait around the lobby…

From there we headed into Soho for some late night bar action and I honestly couldn’t even tell you where we ended up. I basically remember being creepily hit on by an old dude, hugging the bathroom attendant, and freaking out when Toxic by Britney Spears came on. I remember 4am samosas and chips were involved and I was coherent enough to take this photo of the sunrise from our hotel room. If you have more information about my night, please contact me.


Sunday obviously began with sleeping in, a long hot shower, and a real solid hangover. But we didn’t let that get us down – we spent the day wandering around Marylebone and exploring some of my favorite little spots in town. One of my oldest friends, Janine, used to live in the area in high school and I got super nostalgic walking around the streets she used to take me down, showing me all the little shops and the best places to eat. I remember the whole neighborhood seemed to have some sort of magic to it and, even thought I’m old and jaded now, it still sort of feels like it does.

We were luckily enough to be staying in the middle of the neighborhood at The Marylebone Hotel, which we loved. Our room was small, but the service was outstanding; seriously, one of the best hotel experiences I’ve ever had. They just had all the little things that make a vacation feel luxurious, from turn down service to fuzzy slippers, and were so helpful throughout our whole journey lending us umbrellas and holding our bags the day we left – even charging our phones while we were out. Total pros, highly recommend.

We got Daylesford suggested to us for brunch and it was certainly worth the wait with their light, refreshing bloody mary’s and delicious eggs benedict. The whole place is really into all-natural foods and has a pretty incredible little food shop attached to the restaurant. Seeing all the fresh veggies, beautiful cheeses, and cured meats made me want to have a picnic real bad.

My next go-to was my favorite of all bookstores, Daunt Books, on Marylebone High Street. A little independent shop organized by region with just the most beautiful architecture; I could literally stay in that place for hours. I picked up this book while I was there and so far I’m loving the lyrical prose and the way the whole narrative feels steeped in regret – will keep you updated once I finish it.


The rest of our afternoon consisted of sitting outside drinking cocktails and beer and watching the world (and the fancy cars) pass us by. Then before we knew it, it was time to catch our train back to the airport and our flight back to real life, but not without a stop at the Liverpool St. Station Krispie Kreme first…

A huge thank you to Ian’s parents, Kathy and Jim, for making our weekend so totally special. We couldn’t believe how much of a full vacation just three days away felt, especially only a 45 minute plane ride away. Just goes to show that you don’t have to go too far to really get away. 😘