Howth Sweet Howth


So I know it’s been a few days since my last post and that’s because my beautiful friend Kristin was here visiting from New York! We’ve been doing all the tourist stuff here in Dublin (Trinity, Kilmainham Jail, Guinness) but also decided to get out of the city center for a bit to visit Howth. I’ve been hearing about the beautiful coastal town since I moved here so we hopped on the Dart and ended up in the land of beaches, boats, and amazing seafood.

The town is seriously gorgeous – houses perched on seaside hills, harbors filled with docked sailboats, and expanses of sea all around. The downtown area is a classic water village with its ice cream parlors and fish & chips shops. In fact, it weirdly reminds me of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: same sort of nostalgic, family friendly beach vibe. It was great, too, because we just showed up without a plan and were able to have a great afternoon wandering around and exploring the town. It was definitely the change of scenery we needed and it’s a low-key (and cost effective) day trip if you’re visiting Dublin.


We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather – 70 and sunny! – to walk around the docks and explore the local sites. We grabbed a couple coffees and mosied our way up to the lighthouse, then doubled back to walk through the yard of St. Mary’s Abbey. We finished up our adventures with some Guinness, oysters, and fish & chips at Crabby Jo’s, which I would definitely recommend for great local grub and full beverage selection. We were tempted by a placed called Octopussy (for obvious reasons) but alas it didn’t make the cut… We hopped back on the train and were back home in 30 minutes. Can’t beat that.


With some long days in the library ahead of me, Howth seems like the perfect weekend getaway for some fresh air and a crisp glass of white wine. Would love to grab dinner out there for a casual date night or take my parents out to Aqua (the fancy restaurant along the ocean) for something a little more special when they come to visit. We didn’t get a chance to see the castle or the gardens, so that’s also on my list for next time. Anything else I should check out? Would love suggestions! ⚓️


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