New Jewelry at Bow & Pearl

To be honest, I’m not much of a jewelry person. I’ve worn essentially the same 5 or 6 pieces interchangeably for the last 10 years. Every now and then I’ll pick up something new, but it often has some sort of sentimental value or deeper meaning. I’ve just never been one to pick something up because it’s cute. Cue me seeing the little V-necklace below with a 15 euro price tag and all that goes to hell. It’s so sweet! I’m eying the circle necklace, as well – styled with a white v-neck t for something simple and summery.

This shoot was another I felt really happy with. Playing around with group shots was a new challenge for me, styling wise, and using the encyclopedia added a fun bit of texture. I love when things that are often just lying around can inspire an entire shoot and add a new dimension to simple product photos.

Pink Earrings.jpgFeather Earrings.jpgRose Collection.jpgV Necklace with Rose 1.jpgMap Collection 1.jpgCircle Necklace.jpg

Everything shown is new in at Bow & Pearl, along with a bunch more great jewelry! Like seriously we have such a haul in the shop right now… Come check us out in Ranelagh! Or online at!


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