Sunshine & Sparkle

As I’ve been shooting for Bow & Pearl, I’ve been trying to mix up the style of our product photos a bit and am really happy with how these turned out! I love their vintage feel while still incorporating a bit of nature in order to feature our summer jewelry. The mirror was a little tricky to get right, but I’m so happy with the result – a good reminder that experimenting can always pay off big.

I’ve loved taking photos each week and am already seeing myself improve, which is something I’m really proud of. I took up photography as a hobby a while back after watching my dad take photos growing up. As any self-righteous child, I used to be embarrassed whenever he would stop the car on a road trip to take a photo of a cornfield or when he took me along to set up a long exposure shot of an old tree at the arboretum for hours. But now I see so much of my own process in those experiences and appreciate that he has always been willing to get the shot he really wanted. I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the Nikon …

Jeweled Bracelet & Earrings.jpgYellow Jeweled Bracelet.jpgChevron Necklace.jpg

Of course there is always more to learn and improve on, but it’s nice to see something that you made and really enjoy it. Per usual, everything above (including the candles and cards) are available at the Bow & Pearl shop in Ranelagh or check out everything online. Hope you enjoy! 😘


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