Good Vibes Through the Internet

IMG_6851 (1).jpg

I just want to take a minute and say a huge thank you to everyone who read, commented, or shared their feelings about my last post. I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to share, at first, because I was still feeling pretty vulnerable about it and often the internet can be an unforgiving place, but everyone’s words of support and thoughtful discussion on why this problem persists was seriously eye opening. I’d forgotten how often I feel the need to apologize for my actions when I’m not sorry about them and that sticking up for myself doesn’t make me mean or rude or ‘bitchy’ – it keeps me level headed, assertive, and safe. I often take for granted my confidence in myself; I know that it’s there but I don’t completely feel it. After being able to take a shitty situation and empower myself through self-expression and solidarity, though, I am reminded that my feelings are powerful and that my needs are supported by so many people in my life.

So again, an enormous thank you to my amazing community! I have felt so much love and compassion through the interwebs these last few days – you’re the best! 💕


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