Dublin in Bloom


Now that I’ve started working in the next neighborhood over, I’m spending way more time outside. Walking to and from work, writing at Starbucks before taking the Luas, having a glass of wine outside on the way home… At first, I was worried it would be a pain working a couple miles away, but I actually love how much it’s getting me out of the house. I feel like I’ve been hibernating with my books these last few months – some fresh air and vitamin D are exactly what I need.

So after spending the day over in Ranelagh, I took the scenic route home and snapped some shots of spring here in Dublin. Even though it isn’t as warm as I’m used to (only getting into the high 50s), the city is really starting to come alive with the long sunny days. Students littering the cricket pitch with cans of Pratsky, the parks packed at lunchtime, the bar patios mobbed with the after work-crowd… It’s been really fun to see the city buzzing; it’s all got me looking forward to a whole summer here. 🌸




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