Weekend Roundup: Paddy’s Day Edition

I gotta say this last week has bit a of a wash in terms of productivity – between my birthday and St. Patrick’s Day not a whole lot got accomplished. But we certainly had a great time! Ian took me to our favorite spot, The Winding Stair, for dinner on my birthday where I ate way too much steak and flipped through an Irish novel someone used as a journal from 1933 (complete with Rugby scores).

For Paddy’s Day we grabbed a few pints of Guinness to prime ourselves for the madness that was the Dublin City Center. I thought after Lollapalooza I could never see more drunk 15 year olds in one place, but I guess I was wrong… Other highlights of the day were watching tourists vomit on historical monuments, getting hustled for money by a South African man with a strangely Irish sounding accent, and discovering the existence of nursing homes for nuns. I would count the parade as a highlight, but we couldn’t really see much of it – shout out to those dedicated patrons who climbed virtually every vertical object in town to catch a glimpse, though.


The city is slowly draining itself of tourists and I’m hunkering down for a few weeks of reading, essay writing, and dissertation work. If anyone has some good YA fiction recommendations about female sexuality and technology, let me know… In the meantime, here are few links from the interwebs for your lovely Sunday!

・Finally found sweet potatoes in Ireland, so I’ve got potato skins on the brain.

・Read Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home for class last week and totally loved it – thinking Are You My Mother? is next on my list.

・Went to see Hail, Caesar! on Friday- have you seen it? The Coen Brothers have really grown on me.

・Looking for classic white sneakers for spring: should I go adidas, converse, or leather?

・The things that women still endure in the work place is unreal…

Hope you all have a wonderful week and look out for some changes on the blog – playing around with a new look. Let me know what you like!



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