Weekend Roundup Returns!

So in honor of trying to get into a more regular blogging schedule, I’m recapping my week and sharing some of my favorite linkages from around the interwebs.


Highlight: Definitely the highlight of my week was seeing Margaret Atwood speak to The Philosophical Society at Trinity yesterday. She is one of my favorite authors and I love her dry humor and unapologetic feminism. I was in a stage adaptation of her novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, when I was in high school and she has been on my radar ever since. She spoke a lot on her environmental work, including her upcoming graphic novel Angel Catbird, which centers on bird conservation (“Climate change is general, but nature is very specific.”) When asked if she ever suffers from imposter syndrome while writing, she simply answered, “Being an imposter is part of the job description,” which I absolutely loved. I was struck by the breadth of her knowledge as she cited the evolution of mammoths in order to describe the downfall of chain bookshops (“Gigantism precedes extinction”) and jabbed that we all must be vampires created by Bram Stoker during his time at Trinity. I am so grateful to have heard her speak and just want to have tea with her every day so she can impart wisdom upon my life.

Spring shoes I’ve been eying recently are these red boots, these rustic mules, and some classic mint sneakers.

I found the most amazing deli in Dublin today: 147 Deli – I came for the creme brûlée doughnuts and stayed for the classic reuben with extra pickles. Highly recommend if you’re over by Parnell Street!

The lives of two fascinating (scandalous, groundbreaking, complex…) women.

Obsessed with illustrator/Ms. Sartorialist/styling extraordinaire Jenny Walton after this feature on the Coveteur. Her style is so effortless and a sweet mix of vintage and designer.

Hopped on the spiralized vegetable train and made this zucchini recipe this week. Still learning to cook it properly, but made a lovely light dinner (even for us non-veggies).

Heading out to Amsterdam this week for Spring Break and would love any suggestions! So far the Van Gogh Museum and Albert Cuyp Market are on my list and we’re staying on a house boat (😍)! What else should we check out?


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