Out of Context


Before I left for Dublin, I got the chance to see an art show by my wonderful stepmother, Jill, at the College of Dupage. She took a welding class at the college and let’s just say she got pretty into it. After watching her lug giant hunks of metal around for the better part of a year, I was really excited to see her work.

I love the way it uses industrial elements in ways that aren’t mechanical. The pipes aren’t perfectly parallel, the chains are movable, the chrome isn’t spotlessly shined. It makes the material seem almost organic. Plus, she’s got some pretty clean welds, as one COD student admired.


But what I loved most about the exhibit was how much joy and fun Jill has with her work. Even when things are hard and it feels impossible to lighten up, she always tells me “It’s just life, enjoy it.” and I watch her do that everyday. Sometimes I think the only thing she takes seriously is having a good time…


Beautiful show, Jill! Excited to see what you do next.


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