Goon Squad Goes West: Part III


After leaving the Oregon coast, we drove south from Coos Bay to San Francisco stopping at the Avenue of the Giants and (more importantly) In-N-Out Burger along the way. I knew we had reached California when I started seeing signs for “pet acupuncture” and we could pump our own gas again. And yes, Phantom Planet was blasted while cruising down the 101. 8th grade O.C. fantasy achieved.


It was the gang’s last night all together so we made the best of it by cramming 5 people into a tiny hotel room above a dirty liquor store and brunching on huevos rancheros made by a dude with a coke nail the next morning. After dropping Oliver and Mario off at the airport, we made our way to our new pad in Haight-Ashbury.

A huge thank you to Padraig and Adrienne for hosting us at their beautiful home and shout out to Petit Man (our new cat friend) for taking care of Ian when he got sick…


Ian fell in love with San Francisco immediately and will soon be publishing a book called “Lyft Drivers of the Bay Area”, which he researched thoroughly while we were in town. We did a tour of the local bars hitting the Tonga Room, The Latin American Club, and Magnolia, which were all equally awesome for completely different reasons.

And, of course, our drinking would not be complete without a day trip to Sonoma, where we sipped champagne masquerading as my parents and ate pizza in our hotel room between loads at the laundromat. Swanky.

IMG_8084IMG_8099 (1)IMG_8170IMG_8095IMG_8113

It was so lovely to see my good friends Sofia, Margot, Heather, and Meg and a big thanks to them for showing us around the city! I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see you, San Francisco… Stay tuned!


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