Goon Squad Goes West: Part I


The last few weeks I’ve been away on vacation, a meandering road trip around the Western U.S. with my best friends. Since I only took a million photos, I figured I would share the trip in parts starting with our group trip out to Coos Bay, Oregon.

We drove from Chicago to the Oregon coast in 3 days (yeah, we know that’s a lot of driving) averaging about 12 hours of driving each day. We made pitstops in Colorado and Idaho along the way and pseudo-camped in each place; one of our “campsites” involved sleeping on gravel so…

But despite the rough days of driving, Team Tasteful Sideboob and Team Dick in a Box (our mature car team names) made it safely to beautiful Coos Bay.

Warning: shenanigans ahead (including but not restricted to blue beards, green dinosaurs, actual tumbleweeds, stopped traffic due to forest fires, alpacas, feet out of windows, and too many gas stations to count).


Up next is our time in Coos Bay, Oregon (with a little preview above), which felt amazing after being in the car for a trillion hours. More shenanigans ahead!


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