Goon Squad Goes West: Part II


Once we made it to the Oregon coast, we got to crash at the O’Reilly’s beautiful home in Coos Bay. Right along the beach and extremely private, it was the perfect place to hang out, make food, and drink beer. Nothing quite like having a Miller Lite with breakfast to make you wish you were going back to undergrad in the fall, right?


A family friend of Ian’s was kind enough to give us a beautiful assortment of fresh vegetables (including lemon cucumbers, which I didn’t even know existed) and we made enormous fresh salads and baked kale chips to go with our mac & cheese covered brats and hamburgers. We at least tried to be healthy… Sort of.


One of the mornings, we got up early to explore the tide pools during low tide. We saw starfish, anemones, crabs, and all kinds of seaweed and algae and got lots of fun facts from our resident San Diego greeny, Emily, about the local climate and ecosystem. I was so sad to hear about the recent parasite that’s been killing starfish all across the ocean; Ian said the rocks used to be littered with them, but now we only eyed a dozen or so the whole trip. Our oceans are sacred and delicate things, people!


Of course, our time in Coos Bay was far too short, but it was time to leave the beaches and beers behind for the next leg of our adventure. Next time on Goon Squad Goes West…



Goon Squad Goes West: Part I


The last few weeks I’ve been away on vacation, a meandering road trip around the Western U.S. with my best friends. Since I only took a million photos, I figured I would share the trip in parts starting with our group trip out to Coos Bay, Oregon.

We drove from Chicago to the Oregon coast in 3 days (yeah, we know that’s a lot of driving) averaging about 12 hours of driving each day. We made pitstops in Colorado and Idaho along the way and pseudo-camped in each place; one of our “campsites” involved sleeping on gravel so…

But despite the rough days of driving, Team Tasteful Sideboob and Team Dick in a Box (our mature car team names) made it safely to beautiful Coos Bay.

Warning: shenanigans ahead (including but not restricted to blue beards, green dinosaurs, actual tumbleweeds, stopped traffic due to forest fires, alpacas, feet out of windows, and too many gas stations to count).


Up next is our time in Coos Bay, Oregon (with a little preview above), which felt amazing after being in the car for a trillion hours. More shenanigans ahead!

Serious Ladies


I’m Not Mad. That’s Just My RBF

“IN THE 19TH CENTURY, it was regarded as a woman’s job to be “cheerful,” and her fault if those around her were unhappy. It seems nothing much has changed. Women are still expected to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to emotional labor. No wonder women are more likely than men to be suffering from depression.”

NYT also did a follow up article of readers’ comments, if the RBF discussion struck you like it did me.

When Will Fashion Discover Ronda Rousey?

This article begins to stir up some interesting points about fashion’s current obsession with athletic wear, but reluctance to actually put a female athlete in their clothes. I definitely agree that it would “do something for the industry’s image to work with women who value strength and health over skinniness and youth”.

Rousey seems likes the perfect candidate for athletic brands (high-profile fights, big personality, generally classy sportsmanship), but alas, nothing. But I guess I’m not surprised after the comments made about Serena Williams’ body during Wimbledon…