A Mary Katrantzou Moment

It’s not often that I get really excited about clothing anymore. In high school and early college I had a particular style that I really liked and I would become obsessed with a certain style of jeans or a pair of boots. It brought me joy and confidence to have a style, then, but now everything is more glum. My closet is fine, but nothing speaks to me anymore. It’s just stuff.

So I was surprised as how psyched I got seeing this dress in The Coveteur’s newest article on model Ashley Graham. Is that dress stunning on her or what?! She styles it flirty and sporty and somehow simple. It’s just awesome. (The whole spread is worth a read, by the way. The photos are quirky and she seems so down to earth and in control.)

Ashley_Graham-641 Ashley_Graham-52

The article noted the dress was designed by Mary Katrantzou, a Greek designer who specializes in graphic textiles and a name I’ve been seeing a lot of lately on blogs. Scrolling through her website is just cruel; everything is beautiful and so very far away from my budget. But how artful and universally flattering are her designs? Obsession worthy stuff, people.

And it’s funny because I always gave my mom shit for liking enormous prints, but here we are. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.




Like, if this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


Blogs That Breathe

Hey there,

So a lot has happened since I’ve written here last, most notably graduating from college and moving back to Chicago. I’ve been drafted into the family business, DV8 Sports, and am now writing their blog and managing their media content. I’m working from home, which has its pros and cons (pro: taking 8am work calls in my PJs with coffee, cons: living with two of my coworkers) and things are generally quieter.

I’ve done some fun things around town: saw U2 play, was on the jumbotron at White Sox stadium, watched fireworks on the beach with some Irish friends, discovered the Palace of Gold in West Virginia. Things that are great in life, but don’t make particularly exciting blog posts.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good blog post recently and why there seem to be so many blogs that have the same content from a different angle. It feels like every blog that I follow (and maybe I just haven’t expanded my horizons enough) is avocado toast, rosé, couture, and travel. It’s all beautiful and I love scrolling through the editorials, but often I miss something genuine. I don’t just want to see the amazing clothes, I want to hear about the culture or the experience or what it felt like to travel to a new place. I crave the moments between the shots. I crave something I can relate to.

I get it; these blogs sell a fantasy lifestyle. They’re magazines, really. Who wants to follow someone’s life that is just like their’s? And how can this be done in a tasteful and not over-sharing kind of way?


But I guess that’s the challenge. I want to write a blog that enhances my life instead of taking me out of it. A blog that gives me a space to create and think and curate things that are real, but still interesting. I always find myself the most interested in blogs that don’t hold back too much, blogs that breathe with a little life.

Well, here’s my crack at it, I guess. More to come soon.