Have a Great Weekend!


The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend, so I’m planning on taking some nice long runs and Pinkberry breaks! If I had some free time, I would definitely be checking out the Art of the Brick exhibition at The Franklin Institute, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at Theatre Exile (with a professor of mine playing Martha), and gloriously drinking a cold pint in the grass…

Here’s a wrap up of the week, if you’re interested:

Highlight: US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor came to Bryn Mawr today to receive the 2015 Katherine Hepburn Medal given out annually by the college. The award honors women who are trailblazers and embody intelligence, drive, and independence; Justice Sotomayor is an obvious choice. It was amazing to hear her speak about her life as a law student, judge, and Latina woman; she spoke of judging yourself by your own standards, speaking your opinions passionately and respectfully, and letting your stubbornness get the best of you if it means accomplishing things no one thought possible. It was such an opportunity to see not only her talk, but also the excitement and admiration of my fellow students. (Oh and watching the CIA scurry around campus all day was pretty entertaining too…) Her book, My Beloved World, is now on the reading list.


I’ve been stewing on my thesis for so long it’s leaked into my other writing… Check out my new article on I AM THAT GIRL.com inspired by my long journey into young adult literature.

Science happened this week! SpaceX did a launch of the Falcon Rocket this week, which was both a success and failure. Check out the video of the launch and (not so graceful) landing here.

Loving all the color happening on campus right now: the cherry blossoms are finally here! I am celebrating with new nail color (Essie “in the cab-ana” blue), my favorite summer beer, and copious amounts of spring-inspired instagrams!

Senior Dinner was this week where the college caters a swanky meal for seniors and we eat and chat with the college president about the most urgent needs of Bryn Mawr. So obviously, my friends and I demanded there be an on-campus bar. Examples given were: The Pav, Grad Center Bar, and Punch’s Alley (Wellesley strikes again!). Alas, talk about price and lawyers left us high and dry (literally). I guess it’ll be up to me to enshrine the Brady Undergraduate Bar…


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