Happy Weekend!


I will be staying in this weekend in an attempt to polish off my English thesis (ambitious, I know…). But if you’re in the Philadelphia area, there are a bunch of really cool events going on this weekend! Life in Color, Sufjan Stevens, and Sakura Sunday and the Cherry Blossom 5K race are all this weekend! Please go have fun for me while I chug Starbucks and drown in young adult literature…

Here’s a wrap up of my week, if you’re into it:

Highlight: Went to an incredible talk by Bryn Mawr alum, Genevieve Bell, about the anthropology of robots (so cool!). She discussed the history of human fascination with robots and gave insight into the ways we project our anxieties about other humans onto our robot counterparts. Her talk was fascinating, funny, and I have not be able to stop gushing about it. I aspire to one day be as freaking smart as this woman. She mentioned this book and now it’s at the top of my list.

Did a little shopping this week: new sneakers and a sweet romper (fits like a dream). Now if only it was warm enough to wear it…

In anticipation of a quiet weekend, I’ve put together a chill playlist on the Soundcloud. Perfect for brunch preparation, rainy afternoon coffee, or a party with some really hipster friends.

Do you use night cream? Am I way too young to be thinking about this? Is it never too early? Haha I have no idea! I’ve started using this because Neutrogena is my go-to, but I’m so open to suggestions.

Confession time… I’ve become addicted to Kim Kardashian Hollywood! Judge me all you want, but who doesn’t want to live in a world where airfare is $15 and you earn fans by throwing drinks on people? This pretty much sums it up.

My best friend of many years, Megan McCormick, recently did a TEDx talk at Denison University all about self-care as a form of revolution. Give her talk a watch and show yourself some love this weekend!

Here’s to hoping for more beautiful weather!



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