Mike Brodie’s Freight Hopping Photos



Mike Brodie was 18 when he started freight hopping as a mode of transportation and decided to take photos all along the way. The images look like they belong in an action movie or a sequel to The Hunger Games, don’t they?

My favorite part of the story is that Brodie isn’t even interested in being a photographer. He took photos because they were a part of his life, not because he was trying to fulfill an assignment or reap any benefits from them. He said he’s “not really big on photography” and has since become a car mechanic.

Some may fault him for walking away from photography when he has such obvious talent, but I was listening to a podcast recently that asked the question (in regards to writing) “If you knew no one would read it, would you still write it?” And that feels relevant here: to make art because you love how it feels to make art is completely underrated. I applaud Brodie for sticking to his guns and making the art he does (or doesn’t) want to make.




Check out the story here and the rest of his photography on his website here.


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