Travel Journal: Dublin, Ireland

In preparation for the big move, I got to jet over to Dublin for spring break this past week to see the sights, have a few pints, and hang out with some of my favorite people. We hit the Guinness storehouse on my 22nd birthday, spent Paddy’s Day in the insanity that was Temple Bar, and got to attend the launch of the Trinity Student Scientific Review (courtesy of my resident physicist). It was a short trip, but now I’m counting down the days until I get to go back on a more permanent basis. See you again soon, Dublin!


Cheers, Dublin! [Turning 22 at the Guinness Storehouse.]


Secret Garden. [Exploring the treasure that is the Dublin Botanical Gardens.]


Surprising Advertising. [Guinness has a surprisingly rich and interesting history of advertisements; this one being my favorite, of course. Check out another great ad here.]


Potted Pretty. [Another pop of spring at the Botanical Gardens.]


I Spy… [Finding my initials on the wall of the Glasnevin Cemetery is both beautiful and a little ominous.]


Crazy Days. [Temple Bar on Paddy’s Night. Enough said.]


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